Takeflite Annual Conference, Auckland 14-16 September 2022
  • Posted Sep 28, 2022

Takeflite Annual Conference, Auckland 14-16 September 2022

Prior to 2020 the Takeflite team used to meet annually to go review the years performance and to plan for the year ahead. The last time the team meet was in January 2020 in Auckland two months before New Zealand and many other countries closed their borders due to COVID-19. Little did we know it would almost be three years before the whole team was together again.

Fast forward to September 2022, and 24 members of the Takeflite team converged on Auckland for an intense three days of planning, socialising, and celebrating some key milestones for some of our staff. We have one member (not including the founder) who has just completed 20 years of service with the company, and another who just clicked over her 11th year with Takeflite. Two amazing achievements which were rewarded with equally impressive travel vouchers for them to use anytime.

TF Conference 2022 staff shot

There were 12 new faces at this Takeflite conference, easily the largest increase in staff numbers in our history, the future is looking very bright for Takeflite and our customers. We’ve discussed some exciting initiatives and advances to our platform new features and updates that our developers will be working through this year and into 2023. Keep an eye out for our release newsletters which will outline these plans as we put them in place.

As always, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team if you have any questions or ideas that could help us, help you to run your business easier and more efficiently.

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