Departure Operations Efficiency

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

Keep your passengers up to date with flight arrival & departure information (FLIFO) details via FIDS screens in FBOs, airports, heliports, seaplane docks, etc.

  • Airlines with smaller, multi-duty staff often must leave counters unstaffed when meeting inbound aircraft.

Publish Flight Schedules and Flight Information (FLIFO) on your website

Takeflite APIs enable you to publish flight schedules and real-time FLIFO on your website.

  • Websites with data feeds can reduce inbound (non-revenue) calls 
  • Phone lines remain open for new bookings

SMS / TEXT Alerts to Passengers and Crew

Takeflite integrates with SMS / TEXT software vendors to enable your team to alert passengers of known departure delays, and advise pilots / crew members of schedule changes, new assignments, etc.

Flight Tracking

Takeflite integrates real-time flight tracking, improving operational accuracy and efficiency.

Payment / Merchant Terminal Integration

Takeflite Merchant Integration allows you to handle credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards, with PCI-compliant transactions using chip, PIN, swipe readers, contactless ‘tap and go’ purchases, etc. 

The same payment service provider (PSP) can be used for your internet booking engines (IBEs), for in-person payments, prepaid cargo shipments, charter payments, flightseeing tours, day-of-departure ancillary fees, etc.

Offline Passenger and Freight Check-In

Cargo and Passenger Check-In can be managed from remote locations which may not have access to the internet; data is uploaded up to the complete Takeflite platform once team members’ devices are back in internet range.

Flight Manifest Changes and Options

Last-minute bookings, schedule adjustments, destination changes, freight additions, and passenger detail updates are possible via Takeflite Manifests.   

Manifests can be auto-sent to pilots, with limited remarks about passengers, Hazardous Materials / Dangerous Goods, etc.   

Freights Loaders / Load Planners can receive manifests digitally, and/or printed to paper 

Custom cargo manifests are also available through the Cargo Management Suite.

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