Check In & Departure Services

Flight Information Display System

Keep your passengers up to date with their arrival & departure details through Flight Information Display System (FIDs) and SMS/text messaging. The Takeflite platform integrates via your real-time flight tracking system with FlightStats, the global flight data and airport data provider, and Clickatell for mobile integration. Integration with BrightSign for FIDs is also available.

Remote location check-in services via mobile devices

Merchant Terminal Integration

Passengers purchasing tickets across the counter or at the airport need to be managed effectively for both their travel experience and for your operation. Previously your airline may have had a separate or standalone EFTPOS unit meaning you will have needed a power outlet, internet connection and double handling of information due to no integration with your daily workflow service. The Takeflite Merchant Integration allows you to handle credit and debit cards, you can also handle transactions with a traditional swipe reader i.e. for debit cards. The new EMV standard (the chips on credit cards, where you insert the card into the terminal) Contactless ‘tap and go’ purchase (Visa payWave and Mastercard payPass).


Takeflite Check-In provides printed boarding passes and baggage labels for scheduled passenger services. Cargo ticketing, labeling and tracking services are also available with integration into our Cargo Management Suite. Cargo and Passenger Check-In can also be managed from remote locations that may not have access to the internet, data will be loaded up to the main Takeflite platform once team members are back in internet range.

Flight Manifest

Last minute bookings, schedule adjustments, destination changes, freight additions and passenger detail updates are possible with the use of Takeflite Manifests. The automated capability of the manifests enables them to be sent to pilots and freights loaders digitally and on paper. Custom cargo manifests are also available through the Cargo Management Suite.

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