Product Implementation Training

When you join on with Takeflite you will be introduced to our Implementation, Support and Training program where we ensure you are guided through the process of either transforming your airline into the digital world or if you are already using a software provider we will ensure the transition over is manageable.

On purchase our Implementation and Support team will connect with you to design your Implementation Project Plan and confirm your onsite training and support session.

we hand you Takeflite, guide you through the set up and implementation training

After we have worked through your onsite Implementation Plan you will have an additional 2 months of Implementation Phone Support and Unlimited Fault Resolution.

During Implementation your Office Manager and Accounts Manager will be involved in the training with the idea that we hand you Takeflite, guide your key team members through the set up and then your team makes the software yours with ongoing support and training via webinars and onsite visits if needed.

What to expect during your Takeflite Implementation?
We can turn your system on within 24hrs of purchase, from there expect 2 -3 months for full implementation, data transfer and training of your team.

Please note that the above is appropriate for a small to medium airline with fairly standard aviation business practices. If you are a larger airline or have more complex/non-industry standard business then you should also budget extra consultative services.

Implementation Timeline

We make sure your Implementation runs as smoothly as possible with the following stages.

  • STAGE 1 1

    Initial Setup

    Takeflite provides you access to your new database where you can add all of your company information and start the process of storing all data in one place. The team will also work with you to understand your current business processes and guide you through a new way of thinking with the Takeflite system.

  • STAGE 2 2

    Onsite Implementation

    The Takeflite team will come onsite and work with you to set up your system correctly and start entering your Company Details, Payment Gateway Processes, Users, Aircraft, Airports, Agents, Routes, Taxes, Fare Classes and more.

  • STAGE 3 3

    Pre-Launch tests & Checks

    A week prior to going live with Takeflite we will take you through a pre-launch list using the system from the booking process right through to check-in, dispatch, operations and final reporting.

  • STAGE 4 4

    Takeflite Pre-Launch Audit

    Our Takeflite team will do a final quality control of your new system before your airline launches Takeflite to your internal team.

  • STAGE 5 5

    Internal System launch

    Your nominated internal team members will be fully trained in Takeflite at this stage so they will be able to train your team to use Takeflite as your new enterprise system, helping to press the go live button for your airline.

  • STAGE 6 6

    Internet Booking Engine

    If you are selling online our web team will work with you to start integrating a mobile optimized internet booking engine that connects directly to your Takeflite Enterprise software for the transfer and collection of real-time data.

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