The Charter Management Suite facilitates fast charter pricing across known routes, or between any of hundreds of destinations stored within your environment. Takeflite will price by aircraft type, and enable custom pricing for thousands of your known clients or agents.

An online charter pricing quote ‘booking engine’ can be configured and placed on your website to support self-service input of details by potential clients and/or agents. This populates your required data into Takeflite for faster quotes -- once aircraft and crew availability are confirmed by your staff.

All charter quotes use stored payload and fuel usage/limits calculations, and can be priced to include empty leg segment(s) / repositioning flight(s) within a quote, or, as separate add-on fees. Other optional fees (E.g., landing fees, pet cleaning fees, etc.) can also be built-in to a quote, depending on the route, etc.

Requested routes are displayed via Google maps, and quotes can be sent via email with a PDF attachment using your logo, legal terms, etc., within seconds.

Quotes are retained indefinitely. This allows you and/or clients to return to previous quotes and/or charters quickly and easily, regardless if they were received by call, email, booking engine, etc. Reports exist to track charter conversion rates, agent activity, revenue by aircraft, and to process post-flight invoicing - where applicable, etc.


Edit existing Charters

Although confirmed, all aspects of a charter can be edited according to customer requirements
A record of each change is stored indefinitely.

Route Changes

Change the route and recalculate the quote with minimum fuss.

Passenger Management

Add and remove passengers, add infants, pets, etc., or change routes - as required.


If payment is via Debit or Credit Card, connection to your payment vendor will process the transaction instantly.
An invoice with proof of payment can be emailed pre-flight, or post-flight.


Check-in charter passengers on the day of departure, including passenger weights, luggage weights.

Flight Manifest/COG Manifest

Print either a Flight or COG manifest for the pilot on departure.

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