Maximize revenue via a dynamic analysis platform

The aim of our Nested Inventory & Revenue Management functionality is to improve the ability to better match supply and demand by allowing enhanced manipulation of seat class availability. This “nested” inventory logic is a best practice throughout the airline industry and helps ensure you maximize your flight revenue with multiple fare classes so you do not leave 'money on the table'. Takeflite’s Business Intelligence (BI) platform offers complementary insights in identifying critical situations as “booking too fast” or “booking too slow” which allows users to identify and optimize flights during the booking curve prior to departure.

Logical fare “fences” such as advanced purchase, day of week, time of day, seasonality, and other passenger segmenting tools are at the disposal of Takeflite airlines as are situational promo codes.  File fares with Takeflite for your own website or have them filed in parallel with Airline Tariff Publishing Corporation (ATPCO) for multi-channel distribution.

The combination of world-class revenue management and pricing practices together with Takeflite’s suite of Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Metasearch partners creates both the tools and distribution channel access to maximize financial results. 

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