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Takeflite Suite

Founded in 2005, the Takeflite Airline Enterprise Software Platform powers over 70 regional airlines operating in over 30 countries.

The cloud-based SaaS platform is designed for regional airlines and their passengers offering an integrated Passenger Service System, Departure Control System, Airline Operations Manager, Maintenance Control and add-on modules for Charter, Cargo and Hotel and Package management.

Maximize your profitability with full access to operational data in real-time, enhance team and passenger connectivity via any device and distribute your airline globally.

  • Maintenance Control Suite

    The secure cloud-based software platform managing maintenance scheduling, job & work packs and storeroom inventory.

  • Global Software Solution

    Trusted by over 70 airlines world-wide who depend on Takeflite to manage their operation through real-time visibility of their customers, operation, and daily revenue.

  • Passenger Service System

    Manage real-time bookings from multiple locations by multiple users. Ensure your business is open 24/7 through an optimized internet booking engine and global distribution channels.

  • Departure Control

    Manage check-in, ticketing, passenger flight updates, flight manifests, weight and balance and ensure the correct government reports are filed before take off with Takeflite Departure Control.

  • Operations Manager

    Manage all of your pilot and crew rosters and flight & duty requirements along with dispatch, aircraft tracking in real-time and revenue accounting with Takeflite Operations.


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Case Studies

  • Andrew Crawford

    Andrew Crawford

    Sounds Air, General Manager
    New Zealand

    Our business is now open 24 hours a day. Payments are made every day. It has revolutionized our business and it is no exaggeration to say that without it we would never have been able to sustain the growth we have experienced. We have gone from 14,000 to 100,000 passengers in 13 years.


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Sounds Air Takes Control of Its MRO through Takeflite
  • Posted 31 Jul 2017

Sounds Air Takes Control of Its MRO through Takeflite

One of the major benefits New Zealand-based Sounds Air has seen from becoming an early adopter of the Takeflite airline enterprise software suite is the dramatic improvement in capability the suite’s maintenance control module has given the carrier in managing its maintenance operations...

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