Direct Distribution

Sales via your website is the lowest cost way to distribute your passenger and/or cargo inventory.  Full stop.  

Takeflite supports four (4) types of Internet Booking Engines (IBEs), or online booking options: for scheduled flights, for charter quotes, for flightseeing & tours, and for cargo bookings (by known shippers).

While Takeflite supports other distribution options, many of our clients sell 80-95% via direct, self-service distribution.  

Our IBE options are configurable to your specific needs.  E.g., for small aircraft, you may need to collect gender and/or estimated passenger weights.

Customizable Online Booking Platforms

Manage My Booking | Customizable Vouchers | Wait-listing, Reschedule & Packages Feature | Online Charter Booking

The Takeflite mobile optimized Online Booking System integrates with your Takeflite software, connecting to the rest of your operation so no details or transactions are lost during a passengers booking and travel journey. This integrated connectivity helps your team collaborate in real-time making information available to your Reservations, Scheduling, Dispatch and Accounts teams so they can manage the bookings, ensure revenue management is optimized and cater to operational requirements.

Our creative design team ensures your internet booking engine and customized Takeflite website is mobile responsive to optimize user experience. Your booking engine also integrates seamlessly through to your Takeflite software assisting overall operational efficiency. For more examples visit out creative portfolio.

Here are a few of the other features you can expect.

Passenger and Agent Features

Booking Service

Fare Alerts 
Journey Route Finder 
Package Booking 
Charter Quotes sent by PDF
Itineraries & Invoice Receipts sent by PDF
Freight/Cargo Booking & Tracking 
Live Flight Status 

MyAccount Service

Manage MyDetails 
Manage My Booking 
Find My Booking 
Agent Reports 
Manage MyFlight
Manage MyProfile

Airline Specific Features

All of the below benefits have direct integration through to Takeflite Ops Manager for your team to access 24/7 in real-time.

Fixed Wing & Heli Flight Seeing/Tour Package Display and Booking 
Fare Alert Generation
APIS Data Collection, where applicable
Flight Following
Secured Payment Gateway options depending on region.

Fare Management

Revenue Managed Fares
Flight Specific Fare Control 
Manage Schedules Seat Authorization Control 
Fare Rescheduling & Refunds 
Passenger Weight, Infants, or other airline-required configurations.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Google Analytics Tracking 
Google Tags Passenger Booking Tracking 
Revenue Optimization.

Marketing Features

Integrated Airline branding on your booking engine
Promotional advertising space on your booking engine
Company URL display from your website to the booking engine
Integrated reporting feature to Takeflite Ops for Mailchimp data extraction, Business Intelligence reporting based on booking trends

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