Real-time software performance monitoring in the cloud-based environment.

High Load Monitoring - Cloudflare


Whether you are a Scheduled Service, Cargo Operation, Charter Service or Corporate Service, you will have peak seasons and peak times in the day when you will be using the Takeflite software platform. With this in mind we need to make sure the network is optimized to perform for you. We use Cloudflare to monitor network load, plan for load capacity and monitor all network traffic for any attacks.

Software Performance - New Relic

New Relic

We have datacenters based in 3 different times zones to manage our clients across the globe and provide disaster recovery should something go wrong. We need to ensure your services are functioning efficiently and effectively with minimal disruption. The New Relic service is used to independently monitor compliance with our published service level agreement commitments.

Email Performance - Mailgun


When passengers book their travel with your airline, receiving an e-ticket is an important deliverable confirming booking, payment and itinerary. To ensure e-tickets are delivered correctly we monitor the e-ticketing system through Mailgun and airline staff can review any email receipt problems in booking history.

Software Performance - Raygun


To stay up to date with any errors which may be occurring for our users when working with our software, Raygun provides automated real-time collation of where errors are happening so we can fix any bugs and keep user experience a good experience.

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