Takeflite produces Government approved files such as the Department of Transportation T-100 Segment and Market reports, APIS General Declaration for the USA market, IAPI for Canada and BITRE statistics for Australia. 

Special Update Notice:

Regulation Update March 2016: Canadian authorities are now implementing similar regulations: effective the end of March 2016, airlines flying into Canada will need to comply with the requirements of the new Interactive Advance Passenger Information (IAPI) program. These requirements are very similar in nature to the U.S. APIS requirements, but there are notable differences in data formatting requirements, transmission methods, and required timing of activity relative to flight departure.

The new product works in tandem with the existing U.S. Takeflite APIS Manager to eliminate redundant data entry and to streamline the two country’s processes into a consolidated workflow. The Takeflite IAPI Manager is a completely browser-based app seamlessly accessible from within the Takeflite platform. It is a responsive design, meaning that it will automatically adjust for optimal presentation on desktop or mobile screens of any size or configuration.

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