Scale & Demand Management

With cloud-based software you can easily manage the growth of your airline, your team, and your aircraft numbers. Having airline software hosted in the cloud also ensures you can manage an increase in passenger booking demands during peak seasons due to a scalable cloud environment.

Software Updates

With cloud-based software your version updates happen faster and across your entire airline so everyone is working from the same software version and you do not need an IT expert on site to help.

IT Management

With cloud management you do not need an IT team onsite to ensure your operation runs 24/7. Takeflite has been set up to ensure you have your data hosted in high availability data centers globally including disaster recovery. You will have no servers to maintain, no third party software to license, no per-workstation fees – just ensure you are connected to the internet via your mobile or desktop and our cloud providers will take care of the rest.

Affordable IT

We include a cloud management fee in your Takeflite monthly fee to ensure you are up and flying so you do not need to update and maintain your hardware or run the risk of high costs and down-time. Our cloud providers have disaster recovery specialists available 24/7 ensuring any disruption is minimal.

Data Security

We keep your data safe, so you do not lose data to office floods or fires and our cloud suppliers will protect you from hackers or a malware infection. Client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details - all of this information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Data security is the ‘virtual world padlock’ to your airline door keeping your data safe and your passenger information safe and secure.

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Here are some frequently asked questions

 Takeflite cloud based services are hosted through Microsoft Azure based throughout the US providing more security and new opportunities for solution improvement. Rackspace provides our managed service environment. 

Takeflite employs services from Cloudflare to manage risk.

Takeflite employs the strength of 'encryption at rest' and Azure for document management.

Takeflite employs NewRelic APM/Server/Browser to diagnose problems and Synthetics/Insights to automate SLA monitoring.

For example, Takeflite employs Mailgun for sending etickets and providing a dashboard for monitoring service delivery.

Takeflite coordinates an international timezone support response team using Freshdesk.

Takeflite maintains a separate scalable Amazon EC2 environment.

Takeflite uses PaymentExpress for online payments and Clickatell for SMS etc

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