We keep your data safe, so you do not lose data to office floods or fires and our cloud suppliers will protect you from hackers or a malware infection.

Client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details - all of this information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Data security is the ‘virtual world padlock’ to your airline door keeping your data safe and your passenger information safe and secure.

Takeflite is suitable for airlines flying Part 135, Part 121 and Part 145 aircraft. Our software has been developed with Cargo, Scheduled RPT, Charter and Fleet management for Corporate Organizations in mind.

With Takeflite there are no servers to maintain, no third party software to license, no per-workstation fees. Just make sure you are connected to the internet via your mobile device or desktop. Your airline does not have to maintain servers, databases, desktop environments or third-party software licenses

Takeflite provides standard interfaces to accounting packages for Accounts Receivable, Satnav companies for tracking, Flightstats, Amadeus, DOT, E-APIS, and PCIDSS etc.

The support queue (both automated and customer initiated) is monitored by teams in 3 time-zones for maximum coverage. Takeflite takes customer service seriously and is continually investing to ensure that all departments are coordinated to investigate and resolve issues as soon as possible.

  • A. If you are talking to Amadeus, Travelfusion or Skyscanner, use the old B2B API
  • B. If you are already connected to OTA providers, use the OTA web-service
  • C. If you connect to Aetm Integrated Partners for corporate self-service bookings with corporate customers like Shell, use the Aetm connector
  • D. If you want a GDS connection, use our automated Hahn connector

Note: The commercial negotiation for rates/discounts is undertaken direct with the airline.

Takeflite provides standard interfaces to accounting packages for Accounts Recievable, Satnav companies for tracking, Flightstats, Amadeus, DOT, E-APIS, PCIDSS etc

There have been no serious outages and no data lost in the 15 years of online operation. All production systems are High Availability for 24/7 operations and Takeflite uses latest version and legitimate Microsoft Licences. Some of the largest and most security conscious companies in the world manage their fleets using Takeflite.

Production site certifications www.rackspace.com/security/management/

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