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  • Jeff Wyckelsma - Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Solutions

    Jeff Wyckelsma

    Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME), Portland, Victoria, Australia

My operation is built on using Takeflite's Maintenance software. Takeflite is tailored to meet all my business needs and regulatory compliance needs.

Q & A with Jeff Wyckelsma

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Solutions is an aircraft maintenance organization which maintains, restores and modifies GA aircraft from C150s to Lear Jets. We carry out maintenance and repairs to sheet metal components, electrical systems and engine components. We also offer aircraft fleet maintenance tracking and reliability programs.

We have 10 aircraft managed under the Takeflite Maintenance system.

Piston engine aircraft, turbine aircraft, private to corporate

About 10 years ago I met with a member of Takeflite when I was Chief Engineer for a Victorian Regional Airline and the relationship has grown from there.

It couldn’t give us the functionality we required. It couldn’t give access to required personnel in real-time. Back up issues, business functions, store functions etc.

We use Takeflite for: Aircraft Maintenance Tracking, Reliability Data, Component Tracking, Store Orders, Part Tracking, Part Book Out, Parts Traceability, Tool Register and Tracking, Tool Book Out, Calibration. Job Register, Generating Work Packs, Generating Log Book Statements, Invoicing, Data Storage, Regulatory Compliance and everyone in the business as well as my customers use it!

Nothing has changed in my operation using Takeflite because my operation is built on using Takeflite. Takeflite is tailored to meet all my business needs structure and regulatory compliance needs.

It has helped them save money on constant log book research, maintenance requirement forecasting, reliability concerns, component tracking, parts tracking, warranties, live trends, tracking flight time and maintenance with their own log in. It has made them more involved with their own aircraft maintenance, compliance and financial control for upcoming maintenance.

Everyone that uses the system has live available data that gives them the freedom to carry out their own tasks efficiently while other team members can have access to the same data for a different task. Takeflite can be accessed from our remote offices 24/7 and it keeps everyone informed.

The regulatory compliance that is built into the program framework gives me confidence so I can concentrate on engineering and building my business which is exciting to me.

Run some efficiency in the business at less cost than an administration wage. I can rely on the system rather than having disjointed programs, bits of paper and memory. It allows me to do what I do best and that’s aircraft engineering not flying a desk!

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