Weight and Balance

Weight & Balance Management

Takeflite is an anomaly in the aviation passenger service system (PSS) arena because we recognize the need to integrate aircraft and crew in everything we do. 

Similarly, Load Control / Weight & Balance (W&B) are equally critical to our regional clients, and fully integrated into Takeflite.   

Why have a separate OPS system for something required for every departure?   

Beyond W&B for fixed-wing aircraft, we understand Center of Gravity (CoG) is even more sensitive for helicopter W&B calculations... and will be critical for the 200+ new eVTOL (electric, Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft in development. 

Bottomline: you must ensure your aircraft are safe upon take-off, while fuel burns (and the aircraft weight is reduced) in the air, and upon landing. 

The Takeflite Weight & Balance Manager, known as Load Manager in some parts of the world, will help your team determine the correct W&B on passenger and cargo flights through an automated ‘rolling’ load level - matching against your available payload.

Takeflite has a wide range of clients:

  • more than a dozen operate helicopters 
  • another dozen operate floatplanes’ 
  • Narrowbody, turboprop, etc.

Why, and How is that possible?

  • We have 10+ clients in Alaska, where wheels, floats, or skis may be swapped seasonally 
  • Takeflite can store and support 2-3 EOWs for a single aircraft registration number 
  • Each configuration will modify EOW & MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight) for passenger and/or cargo bookings, check-in, etc., enabling your operations team to maximize payloads in any season.

How difficult is it to change a ‘config’ in Takeflite?

  • An authorized employee can assign an aircraft (and EOW config) in less than 30 seconds 
  • Takeflite does the rest: EOW, MTOW, Payload, seat map & seat assignment algorithms, etc.

With system automation, risk is reduced

Because W&B / CoG are fully integrated into Takeflite, the risk of human error is reduced because data is not transferred from a PSS to a separate OPS system. 

Takeflite hosts a wide variety of clients and fleets.  Our largest operate 737s, A320s, MD-80s / MD-90s, ERJs, etc. 

Most regional aircraft worldwide will always be smaller, where W&B / CoG can be very sensitive.   

We have 15+ years of experience listening to, and adding enhancements for our clients operating Caravans, Airvans, PC-12s, Twin Otters, etc.   

For over 10 years, Takeflite has hosted one of the world’s largest humanitarian aviation fleets, so whether you’re operating Canadian, Brazilian, Russian, French, German, American, Chinese, or other aircraft, if you have the OEM W&B / CoG specs, we’re ready.

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