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Takeflite, your regional airline and aviation software service.
When you work with Takeflite you can be confident that you are working with experienced, professional and highly talented developers, data scientists, product designers, customer success managers and business development specialists based in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Kenya. We are passionate about what we do and we are focused on making your daily work life that little bit easier through the use of our software. 

Our team is committed to having hands on experience in the markets we work in, whether it be visiting the Alaskan winters and ensuring Takeflite performs so emergency medical supplies and goods can reach communities, or visiting war zones and connecting with Humanitarian organizations to ensure their staff have safe travel between bases through the use of Takeflite. Takeflite will go the extra mile to understand your individual daily operation workflow and your physical environments, so we can recommend the best way to use and implement Takeflite.

Where did we begin?

Founded in 2005, the Takeflite software story began as a light bulb moment during a regional flight on a Cessna Caravan. Members of the founding Takeflite team were regular scheduled air travel passengers and had been observing some of the efficiency barriers that the paper based systems of the time where causing. Through connecting with pilots, customer service representatives and the airline owners, discussions began around the problems they were facing. From here the Takeflite software service for regional airlines and aviation companies was born.

Software designed for Regional Airlines, Aviation Companies and their Passengers

Today Takeflite has grown and now powers over 70 Scheduled airlines, Cargo, Tour, Charter and Maintenance aviation companies around the world. Our team has designed and built Takeflite to ensure there is cross functional integration between our Passenger Service System, Departure Control Service, Operations Manager and Maintenance Control products. These products are being refined and developed by our team on a daily basis based on customer feedback and market needs. 

The future for Takeflite is developing fast. The digital landscape that our airlines are now part of is ever changing as are their passengers needs, our team are excited to continue building our products to meet these needs. We will deliver some exciting new products in 2023 so watch this space!

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