Schedule Management Suite

Easy & Flexible Schedule Loading Process

Load flights months, days, or even hours ahead of time with Takeflite’s flexible schedule platform. Similarly, dynamically monitor capacity upgrades and downgrades during the life of a flight in order to respond to market dynamics. Also, Takeflite offers functionality to automatically upload schedules to third parties such as global distribution systems (GDS), OAG, and Innovata.

The Scheduled Booking Suite can help with the following

- Reservation team: Manage booking demands during low and high call volume.

- Multiple Users: members of your team can view real-time availability of your flights,

- Secure Payment: take direct phone and walk-in bookings and confirm payment via a PCIDSS Compliant gateway.

- Rescheduling Made Easy: Team members members can reschedule bookings and flight management using a simple drag and drop feature – instead of inputting customer details multiple times.

- Real-time Date: Do not lose potential sales because you do not have the correct data at your fingertips.

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