Takeflite Departure Control System (DCS) overview

Takeflite provides a variety of departure control system (DCS) functionalities:

  • Check-In Management
    • Scheduled Flights
    • Flightseeing Tours
    • Charters
  • Baggage Processing
  • Boarding Control
  • Passenger & Cargo Screening
  • Self-Handled, Mobile, and Common-Use Platforms

Takeflite supports DCS options, based upon specific location needs:

Self-Handled Check-In

  • Summary: Self-handled, airport / heliport / seaplane & fixed base operator (FBO) locations, where Takeflite is installed on a desktop or laptop  
  • Features: Boarding passes, bag tags, seat assignments, weight inputs (actual or average), weight & balance/center of gravity (COG) calculations  
  • Ancillary Fee ‘pop-up’ reminders to collect applicable fees when the input weight or pieces exceed ‘free’ baggage allowance 
  • Special Service Requests (SSRs) / Dangerous Goods such as wheelchair (WCHR, WCHC, WCHS) requests, unaccompanied minor (UMNR) details, Dry Ice (ORM-A), etc., can be input or updated 
  • Ground Handler mode for 3rd party contractors handling check-in and boarding who do not need full access to your PSS 
    • Supports collection of fees for overweight bags, excess baggage, etc. 
  • Requirements: Any hosted user of Takeflite Ops 
  • 3rd Party Fees: None 
  • Staff Training/Complexity: Low

Remote Check-In by pilots and agents

  • Summary: Mobile Takeflite Go app (iOS and Android) is designed for easy check-in at gate, planeside, helipad, and other remote locations 
  • Real-time data sync (via the Microsoft Azure Cloud) with the Takeflite Ops platform.  Low bandwidth consumption and can run on 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G connections 
  • Features: Check-in, update passenger and baggage weights 
  • Requirements: Any hosted user of Takeflite Ops
  • 3rd Party Fees: None 
  • Staff Training/Complexity: Low

Airports with Shared, ‘Common Use’ Hardware

  • Summary: For departures from airports with Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE), Self-Service (CUSS) kiosks, Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS), Self-Bag Drop, etc.  
  • Airline Choice is Takeflite’s common use airport partner, interfacing DCS activities with Collins Aerospace’s ARINC MUSE; Amadeus ACUS; SITA Smart Path, etc.  
  • Features: Boarding passes, bag tags, seat assignments, etc, 
  • Requirements: Hosted user of Takeflite Ops 
  • 3rd Party Fees: Yes 
  • Staff Training/Complexity: Medium

Cargo and Passenger handling at the same location

Staff in smaller air operations often do everything: passenger check-in, counter-to-counter package acceptance, manifesting large freight items, etc.

Takeflite enables employees to immediately ‘pivot’ from booking & payment, to check-in, etc., without a need to log-in to separate application. 

See our Cargo Management Suite for detailed information. 

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