Takeflite is ARINC vMUSE Certified

So what does this mean for you the airline? 

Faster airport passenger processing. Passenger data stored in Takeflite will integrate through to ARINC vMUSE which is designed to connect with all current CUTE technology. 

CUTE (common-use terminal equipment) provides a common hardware interface for designated ticketing and gate counters and will allow multiple airlines to time-share counter positions, i.e. every CUTE workstation has its own screen, keyboard and printers (Automatic Ticket and Boarding Pass Printers (ATB) and Bag Tag Printers (BTP))

The Takeflite application can be loaded to cater for the following:

1. Airline display on an ARINC vMUSE check-in terminal for common-use passenger processing
2. Printing boarding passes from any CUTE workstation - you no longer need to invest in expensive legacy equipment
3. Multiple agents can check in passengers using the CUTE workstation 
4. Printing bag tags (phase 2 of this project is to enable global message distribution using IATA compliant type messages so baggage will be routed correctly and can be traced)
5. Self boarding gate pass allowing efficient boarding
6. Should an airline need or wish to connect into an airport anywhere in the world that uses ARINC vMUSE all the airline needs to do is contact an  ARINC sales representative and set up a commercial agreement with them.

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