General prohibition

All forms of bribery and corruption are prohibited. Takeflite will not tolerate any act of bribery or corruption. Any breach of this policy or local law could result in disciplinary action being taken.

Gifts, hospitality and expenses

Giving or receiving gifts or hospitality is often an important part of maintaining and developing business relationships. However, all gifts and hospitality should be for a genuine purpose, reasonable, given in the ordinary course of business and should comply with the Hospitality and Expenses Policy and local laws.

Lavish or unreasonable gifts or hospitality, whether these are given or received, are unacceptable as they can create the impression that we are trying to obtain or receive favorable business treatment by providing individuals with personal benefits. In addition, gifts and hospitality can themselves be a bribe. Be careful to avoid even the appearance that the giving or accepting of gifts or hospitality might influence the decisions you take on behalf of Takeflite.

Facilitation payments

Facilitation payments are any payments, no matter how small, given to an official to increase the speed at which they do their job. For example, this could include speeding up customs clearance.

All facilitation payments are generally prohibited. However, safety is our primary concern and we understand that there may be circumstances in which there is no alternative but to make a facilitation payment in order to protect against loss of life, limb or liberty. Any request for a facilitation payment should be reported to a director.

Agent, distributors, suppliers and joint venture partners

Takeflite could be liable for the acts of people that act on our behalf. This includes agents, distributors, suppliers and joint venture partners (together referred to as “third parties”). As such we are committed to promoting compliance with effective anti-bribery and corruption policies by all third parties acting on behalf of Takeflite.


Takeflite is committed to ensuring that all parties can speak up with confidence if they have any concerns or need to ask for help. You can report your concerns under the Whistleblowing Policy. Takeflite will not tolerate retaliation in any form against anyone for raising concerns or reporting what they genuinely believe to be improper, unethical or inappropriate behavior. All reports will be treated confidentially.

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