Looking for greater distribution of your available seats?

What is GDS?

Global Distribution Systems (or GDS) are networks that connect travel agencies, booking systems and airlines together in a standardized way to enable a global booking process. The GDS is a marketplace that allows travel commerce to occur and adheres to the guidelines set by IATA. The three GDS providers Takeflite are connected to are Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.

By connecting your airline to the GDS, your airline can distribute fares, prices and schedules to virtually every travel agent in the world plus accept bookings.

Does my Airline need GDS?

Not every airline needs to be connected to the GDS, but GDS could be useful to your airline should you wish to attract the passenger types below and gain greater network reach.

- Wish to attract Global travelers?
- Allow Business travelers easy access to your seats?
- Interested in widening and opening connections with other airlines?
- Need to fly scheduled routes with consistent fares and pricing

Distribution Plus - The Lighter Alternative

If GDS sounds like it is more than what your airline needs then Distribution Plus could be a good alternative. If you are looking to sell seats in more places and your passengers are mainly leisure travelers, Distribution Plus may be a suitable, cost effective alternative.   

Distribution Plus is a partnership we have entered into for our airline partners, connecting you with some of the largest 3rd party travel distribution sellers around the world. Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz and Kayak will be the first set of brands that we can connect your airline schedules and fares to with larger online travel agents and metasearch companies to be added in the future.

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