Take Flight with Google Flights
  • Posted Sep 1, 2022

Take Flight with Google Flights

It’s time to bring you up-to-date on an exciting new way to sell tickets for Takeflite’s scheduled airlines.

Google Flights is an online flight booking search service which facilitates the purchase of airline tickets directly from suppliers (i.e., Your airline).Google recently eliminated their fees and commissions for scheduled airlines, while they continue to charge these for hotels, cruise lines, rental car companies, etc. This is a significant change, which re-directs viewers to your website and online booking engine (from Takeflite)!

Google Flights is the largest search engine and consumer booking site in the world. It is the origin of most airfare searches in 2022.

In effect, the world’s largest internet search engine passes potential customers directly to you! Takeflite must assist Google with your base fares, taxes, fees, schedules, aircraft types, etc., but can do so much more efficiently than legacy vendors like ATPCo, OAG, Cirium, etc.

Figure 1: User runs a search at Google Flights and sees flight results integrated with competition.

 NZ Google Flights Screen Shot Flight Availability

Figure 2: User selects flight and then has the option to purchase directly from airline website. User is redirected to airline website for payment and ticketing.

 NZ Booking Redirect to Airline Website

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