eAircraft and eVTOLs are coming soon
  • Posted Dec 10, 2021

eAircraft and eVTOLs are coming soon

Three of Takeflite’s clients have signed confirmed orders for new eAircraft and eVTOLs in 2021.  While delivery of the new aircraft is several years away, requiring final certification, this is exciting news.

New fixed-wing, battery-operated eAircraft, and UAMs with multiple, small propellers, will have a lower impact on the environment, and a quieter ‘footprint’ on aviation operations neighbors.  This is a win/win for everyone.

Ultimately, all new aircraft must generate revenue, and Takeflite is ready.  We support clients with inventory control, pricing, and distribution options down to a single seat or 1Kg or 1Lb of cargo.  And we have 4 types of internet booking engines (IBEs) for scheduled flights, charter quotes, air taxi / flightseeing tours, as well as cargo bookings by known shippers.

The 3 leading-edge clients ordering these new aircraft are based in Australia and New Zealand, where Takeflite supports new CASA crew schedule, crew fatigue and other rules.  These are among dozens of ‘core’ features in our platform.

Whether you plan to transition from floatplanes or helicopters, or you are a new entrant to this exciting transition in aviation, we’re ready to demonstrate how 15+ years of development in Takeflite for regional and last-mile air operations makes us ready for the change that is coming.

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