eAWBs - Cargo Booking Portal / Engine
  • Posted Mar 16, 2022

eAWBs - Cargo Booking Portal / Engine

After two years of surging air cargo demand, one of the largest airlines in the world (American/AA) announced this week it is creating an eBooking / Cargo Booking Portal.

You don't need to be a 'global' airline to recognize staffing shortages, higher labor costs, and pressure to accept large freight, general cargo, and counter-to-counter small packages at 'cutoff' times require more staff, or other, smarter options.

Takeflite has offered an eBooking / Cargo Booking 'engine' for our regional airline clients for years.  We place it (like a passenger IBE) on your existing website.  It populates all input data, weights, etc., directly into Takeflite, enabling your team to see items enroute to be tendered, available 'payload' remaining, etc., on your flights.

Shippers and Freight Forwarders create an Air Way Bill (AWB) with dimensions, weight, consignee details, etc.  Even better, when 'known' shippers, agents, forwarders, etc., have profiles, preferred pricing / discounts, invoicing details, etc., created and stored in Takeflite, the time spent to create an AWB is put on your partners, not your staff.  That means your team simply and quickly 'accepts' the tendered shipment (time, date, validation of input weight/dims), and it's good to go!  

eAWBs mean cost efficiency, faster service, and more items accepted before a flight dispatch 'cutoff' time for Takeflite hosted air operators.

Takeflite's cargo solutions are fully integrated into everything we do: aircraft, crew, schedules, pricing, inventory, charters, scheduled flights, etc.  We also have solutions to scan cargo and mail, track cargo, store pricing / discounts for preferred partners, etc.  See our detailed information, or the eAWB on the website of one of our clients - EvertsAir.com

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