Takeflite Lite is now available for download on Android
  • Posted Aug 23, 2018

Takeflite Lite is now available for download on Android

If you are an Android device user we have now made the Takeflite Lite App available on Android. You are still able to use the existing Android App but we recommend switching across to Takeflite Lite so you can access the continuous improvements and updates that we will be making.

Our Product team would like your feedback on the Takeflite Lite App so we can continue to develop the functionality based on industry standard and client requirements. If you could please direct all Takeflite Lite App feedback through this email link here.

To find the Android version of Takeflite Lite please search here and keep a look out for the below Takeflite icon and flight screens.

Takeflite Lite page to look out for.

Takeflite Lite Android Store image


Check out the new features in the latest release of Takeflite Lite!

General Navigation Display Updates
- Flights Screen, new flight type display for: Training Flights, Ferry Flights, Test Flights, Maintenance, Charter, Scheduled and Blocked
- Overview Screen update: Previously this side menu only displayed a click through for Flights and Bookings, now it shows Reports and Users (internal only) contact details
- Scheduled Flights Detail screen: Quick reference icons are now visible displaying total Passenger, Baggage and Freight items on board the selected flight
- Unassigned passengers are now shown in the Passengers menu on a selected flight
- Weight break down is now displayed in the Details menu on a flight by selecting the 'i' icon   

New Freight Functionality Available

1. Freight Details
- Set/unset delivered status
- You can now capture and view signatures on the go 
- Functionality to edit quantity, weight, dimensions of freight
- View freight bookings
- View freight via air-waybill number
- Freight weight unit is now shown (kg or lb)

2. Freight Booking Screen 
- View freight details screen has been added
- New option to edit in-tray, freight received, freight collected, phone, alt phone, email
- Mobile freight tracking has been enabled

3. Consolidation Display

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