Microsoft Ignite NZ 2016
  • Takeflite
  • Posted Oct 28, 2016

Microsoft Ignite NZ 2016

Microsoft Ignite NZ is for anyone who’s a techie or works with technical people and it's a time to connect with the brightest minds in the industry. Developers - Architects, Testers, Designers, Engineers, Business Analysts and UX/UI professionals. IT Pros – Infrastructure Specialists, Sys Admins and Engineers, Database Administrators/Architects, Opps Managers, IT Managers, IT Technicians, Service Delivery Managers, BI Consultants, Solutions Specialists and Network Managers. 

Attending an event like Microsoft Ignite is a great time to refill the knowledge tank for Takeflite and for our airline and aviation clients. It ensures we keep on track with new technology available, more efficient ways of working, cost effective solutions for our clients and best practices within the land of software product development so we can continue to deliver you with the best SaaS.

The conference has a jam packed 3 day schedule with a variety of sessions and speakers covering a large range of tech focused topics from Software Architecture, Deployment and Implementation, Governance and Compliance, Business Innovation to Security. We have collected a large amount of information to bring back to our team and the Takeflite community.

Watch this space (we just need to digest what we have listened to!)... Want to know more about Micrsoft Ingnite NZ?

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