Call Center Reservations

Scheduled Booking Service

The Scheduled Booking Service allows your reservation team to work efficiently during low and high call volume. Multiple members of your team can view real-time availability of your flights, take direct phone and walk-in bookings and confirm payment via a PCIDSS Compliant gateway. The Scheduled Booking Service also allows airline team members to reschedule bookings and flight management using a simple drag and drop feature – instead of inputting customer details multiple times.

Optimize your booking process through real-time schedule availability

Corporate Booking Service

Travel Management Companies and Corporate Booking Planners are able to access the Corporate Booking Service for scheduled flights via an Agents only area where passengers can be booked directly against a suppliers allocated inventory. Your airline can have the best of both worlds with direct bookings and agent bookings.

Charter Booking Services

Keeping track of all quotes and charters across your fleet while providing visibility for all your staff means you always allocate the right aircraft for the right job at the right price. The Charter Booking Service enables your reservation team to create charter quotes consistently and accurately in 30 seconds not 30 minutes for multiple aircraft.

We help you set up templates for regular charters across common routes along with Google Map display, custom pricing for each agent and aircraft, automated payload and fuel usage/limit calculations. Quotes are retained indefinitely, allowing you to return to previous quotes quickly and easily for future reference. The Charter Booking Suite.

Freight Booking Services

Efficient booking interfaces are provided for freight and mail runs, wherein the carrier receives numerous freight items in bulk from a single shipper. These interfaces allow much quicker entry of such bookings.

The system also supports freight consolidations, in which items from multiple shippers are received separately but held for shipment together to a single receiver. For a more in depth look at our services visit our Cargo Management Suite.


Whether a customer has booked through your Internet Booking Engine or through your Call Center an e-ticket will be issued direct to them to confirm their flight or itinerary. To ensure e-tickets are delivered correctly we monitor the e-ticketing system through Mailgun and airline staff can review any email receipt problems in booking history.

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Customers can manage their own bookings online through the Takeflite Internet Booking Engine, giving more freedom and flexibility to customers.

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