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With the help of Takeflite and Takeflite Creative our online booking experience has improved. Now we have the ability to use invoice accounts, purchase and manage 10-trip tickets online and we can also communicate via SMS text and e-mail to our customers who are often at remote destinations.

Q & A with Ty Edwards

Based just north of downtown Seattle in Kenmore, Washington State, Kenmore Air has just celebrated its 70th anniversary in operation and now employs between 100 – 150 people depending on the season. Kenmore Air is a seaplane and land plane scheduled service and charter airline with regional routes throughout Northwestern Washington State and British Columbia, Canada. We look after passengers who are weekly business commuters, first time tourists or those wanting a weekend hotel and fly getaway package.

We currently have 23 aircraft, mostly De Havilland Beavers and Otters. Plus a few Cessna 180s on floats and a few Cessna Caravans on wheels.

Kenmore Air was shopping for a new reservation and flight operations management system and came across Takeflite online. A phone call later in January 2013 and Takeflite’s company director Neil Middleton was on a plane to Seattle from New Zealand to commence the project – we were the first US based client for Takeflite and we worked together with their development team to adapt the existing Takeflite software service to cater for the US market. We went live with Takeflite on April 2013.

Most of our Kenmore operation engage with Takeflite. Our Customer Service team uses Takeflite for a variety of functions such as creating and maintaining bookings, managing hotel and package add on sales, passport audits, manifest printing, boarding and SMS communication of flight events. The Dispatch team manage the dispatching of our flights, assign aircraft & pilots and also monitor APIS through Takeflite. We also manage our accounts and set our fares, flight schedules, routes, etc with Takeflite.

A general simplification of processes, better interface, web hosted, friendly and accommodating development team, exceptional website site presence created by the Takeflite Creative team.

Our customer online booking experience has improved, ability to use invoice accounts and purchase and manage 10-trip tickets online, ability to communicate via SMS text & e-mail to our customers who are often at remote destinations.

Passport swiping (versus manually auditing), significant increases in internal efficiency regarding customer communication, using .pdf to print reports.

Full-functionality via any web browser; the ability to handle all aspects of operation via a mobile device. Enhanced customization, per carrier, for booking processes and pre-departure communications.

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