Maintenance Control Overview

The secure cloud-based software platform managing maintenance scheduling, job & work packs and storeroom inventory. Your engineers can focus on what they do best while you have the tools to help keep your aircraft in the air.

Maintenance Control allows you to

  • Manage your entire fleet
  • Track all your scheduled maintenance - components, inspections, airworthiness directives, service bulletins, etc
  • Keep tabs on all your defects (aka squawks or snags)
  • Quickly and easily create work packs for your staff
  • Generate log book entries with a few clicks
  • Perform maintenance for third parties? You can give your customers access to their aircraft!
  • Manage your aircraft parts - your general items, components, quarantine and more
  • Easily see warnings when items are coming up or overdue
  • Track all your components and assemblies and their history
  • Raise purchase orders for parts and component work
  • Store scanned paperwork and documentation in an electronic document library
  • Track jobs as well as their parts, labour, subcontractors and more
  • Keep tabs on all your calibrated tools
  • Barcode your inventory
  • Access all your data via a wealth of reports

Maintenance Schedule

Track all your scheduled maintenance - components, inspections, airworthiness directives and service bulletins.

Jobs and Work Packs

Keep track of all your labour, parts used and more via Jobs. Easily create Work Pack and Log Book entries using templates you create.

Manage your inventory

Manage your inventory, even across multiple locations. Easily book out parts using barcodes. Raise Purchase Orders with just a few clicks.

Maintenance Facts

Some interesting facts, collected from Takeflite Maintenance customers


Aircraft Managed


Jobs completed


Defects processed


Flight log entries

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