The Takeflite mobile optimized Internet Booking Engine integrates with your Takeflite software, connecting to the rest of your operation so no details or transactions are lost during a passengers booking and travel journey. This integrated connectivity helps your team collaborate in real-time making information available to your Reservations, Scheduling, Dispatch and Accounts teams so they can manage the bookings, ensure revenue management is optimized and cater to operational requirements.

The search and booking for a flight is the first stage of your passenger's experience with your airline

Our creative design team ensures your internet booking engine and customized Takeflite website is mobile responsive to optimize user experience. Your booking engine also integrates seamlessly through to your Takeflite software assisting overall operational efficiency. For more examples visit out creative portfolio.

Passenger add on services, such as Hotel and Travel Experience bookings, are also possible via the Takeflite powered internet booking engine, more on this in our Merchandising space.

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