Tourism Tour & Package Booking Software

The Takeflite Operations Manager offers a Tour and Package Booking service allowing easy management of both ad-hoc and regular passenger tours. Bookings and flights are managed using simple drag and drop interfaces and can be booked using all mobile devices, online or via phone.

Tour & Package Features

  • Simple to create and manage new packages and tours
  • Easily check availability for ad-hoc bookings
  • Take bookings after hours via all mobile devices
  • Offer remaining seats online via online booking site
  • Analyse the effectiveness of packages with Google Analytics
  • Track third party expenses
  • Work out package costs to help you see how much money you are making
  • Manage large complex group bookings under a single invoice
  • Setup custom agent pricing

Takeflite Mobile Applications

Available on Apple and Android
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Takeflite Data Security & Support

For regulatory compliance and competitive reasons, investment by airlines in technology is endemic and business owners are faced with the responsibility for making technology decisions. The media regularly documents the escalating consequences to business owners where decisions lead to a data breach or extended loss of service. Shareholders are becoming less forgiving. The Takeflite approach to data security is to act as an aggregator for specialist providers, enabling a core Takeflite development team to focus on the continually changing strategic needs of our customer community. This approach is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, but does enable new investment in infrastructure every month to mitigate the continuously changing threat environment with the latest technologies.

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Air New Zealand's new sustainability plan

Interesting interview with Air New Zealand and Forum for the Future co-founder Sir Jonathan Porritt on Air New Zealand's new sustainability plan. Interesting point that sustainability does not just mean focusing on environmental issues but also business practices that can create longevity and less waste through information efficiency and technologies.

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