• Posted May 23, 2018

Freight Item Numbers

Site Settings

Within the 'Scheduled Freight' section a site setting called 'Enable Freight Item Numbering System' has been created to enable the item number field. This determines whether the field is visible and whether we need to perform re-counts when air waybill numbers change.

Add/Edit Booking

1. When saving a new or existing booking, the system will run a process to populate all of the item numbers in accordance with the rules. If any other bookings share a Consolidation ID or Air Waybill then they will also be updated.
2. An audit trail will be recorded against each booking when item numbers are assigned.
3. The numbering process will only be run if there are items that do not have a number already assigned.
4. New Option (button below the freight grids). You are now able to manually call the function to assign the item numbers (with the option of clearing them all out and re-numbering). This is useful if the function has previously failed or you want to re-sequence the numbers from scratch (perhaps they are all out of whack due to previous booking modifications).
5. You are now able to copy the air waybill to clipboard by clicking on the label

Freight/Mail Run

When saving, a process will go through and assign item numbers to all of the items in accordance with the rules. 

Charter Edit

1. When saving a Charter, ensure the item numbers for all of the freight items are marked with an item number.
2. An audit trail is recorded against each booking when item numbers are assigned.

Consolidation Screen

Item numbers are included in the column grid to display the item numbers for each of the freight items.

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